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The Environmental Contact List is intended to assist applicants and their representatives in complying with the reporting requirements of the Surface Transportation Board's environmental rules at 49 CFR part 1105. The contact list includes the names, mailing addresses, and website addresses of the various Federal and state agencies that should be consulted under the STB's environmental rules.

Because the mailing addresses for these agencies change frequently, applicants and their representatives are encouraged to verify the address with each agency prior to use.

In order to ensure that any errors are corrected and the list is kept up to date, please report any changes or corrections to Mr. Kenneth Blodgett at (202) 245-0305, Office of Environmental Analysis, Surface Transportation Board, 395 E St., S.W., Washington, DC 20423.

The complete list is too long to be manageably read on our Internet site. Please download the contact list as an Adobe Acrobat file.

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Useful Federal Agencies and their Websites
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation -
Bureau of Indian Affairs -
Bureau of Land Management -
Bureau of Reclamation -
Costal Zone Management Program -
Federal Railroad Administration -
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -
National Park Service -
Natural Resource Conservation Service - (formerly known as: U.S. Soil Conservation Service)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -
U.S. Coast Guard -
U.S. Department of Agriculture -
U.S. Department of Defense -
U.S. Department of Energy -
U.S. Department of Interior -
U.S. Department of Transportation -
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency -
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service -
U.S. Forest Service -
U.S. National Geodetic Survey -